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Body By Laser™ was founded by the inspiration to expand on the approach to patient care. We believe in making real connections with our clients, taking the time to address health issues affecting the entire body. Helping clients reduce body fat is one more way to improve body function, longevity and quality of life.

Body By Laser combines breakthrough cold laser technology with a holistic approach to health and nutrition. Our clients are carefully screened in advance to ensure this powerful treatment will offer them the most benefits, addressing other physiological problems that may keep them from achieving their desired weight loss results.

Through treatment, we guide clients with nutritional therapy, detox procedures and goal counseling to maintain the dramatic results they have achieved with cold laser treatment.

We are deeply invested in the overall health of our patients, not simply in a reduction of body fat. The doctors at Body By Laser clinics want to help their clients become healthier, slimmer and more confident. That is why we provide safe, individualized treatment plans to help clients lose inches and keep them off.

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