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Shrink Your Problem Areas

Body By Laser™ uses non-invasive, low-level cold laser therapy to shrink fat cells, reducing and sculpting the targeted problem areas of your body. Clients lose inches and see cellulite disappear without invasive surgery or the potential negative side effects of liposuction, including infection or long recovery times.

Scientific studies show that a cold laser can reduce the size of fat cells by causing them to become porous and release water, free fatty acids (or triglycerides) and glycerol into the space between the cells.

FDA-Approved Treatment

Cold laser technology has been safely used for years in other medical treatments, including pain management, treatment of neurological problems, scar tissue treatment and more. The FDA has approved it for safety, and one of the laser models in our clinics was recently determined by the FDA to be effective in taking inches of fat off the body through targeted treatment.

Body By Laser clinics use the low level (aka cold) Lipolaser to achieve impressive results. See our testimonials to hear what former patients have to say about their results*!

After Treatment

At Body By Laser, we help clients achieve and maintain their desired body shape. After each cold laser treatment, clients have a quick session on a Whole Body Vibration Platform. Your doctor may also make specific nutritional and exercise recommendations for during and after your program. These additional measures help clients maintain their more slender shape.

These are simply a few of the ways we help clients holistically achieve a healthier, more contoured body.

*Results may vary for each client.

Pictures above are of a paid model and not an actual Body by Laser patient.